University of Oxford

I have taught metaphysics, epistemology, logic, philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, and ancient philosophy in undergraduate tutorials and classes at the University of Oxford. Below you can find links to the faculty reading lists for each topic. Descriptions of all of the finals papers in philosophy may be found here.

Introduction to Logic: This is the first-year logic course. It is taught in conjunction with a set text-book, Volker Halbach's Logic Manual.
Knowledge and Reality: faculty reading list
Philosophy of Logic and Language: faculty reading list
Philosophical Logic: This paper is a second course in logic that follows on from Introduction to Logic. It is taught in conjunction with a set textbook, Theodore Sider’s Logic for Philosophy.
Plato, Republic (in Greek/translation): faculty reading list

I am slated to give a series of undergraduate lectures on the metaphysics of properties for the Faculty of Philosophy in Trinity Term 2024.